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Waves crashing into coastal homes

The Government’s Flood Resilience Review

In late 2016 two official government reports were released; the first of which being the National Flood Resilience Review, published in September 2016. This report incorporated a review of extreme flood scenarios against existing flood model outputs, alongside a...



After the storm – UK, post Storm Brian

After the storm – UK, post Storm Brian

The United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland were subject to torrential rain and strong winds this weekend as a result of Storm Brian. Whilst not as extensive as previously feared, Storm Brian exacerbated flooding and disruption in areas that...



Taming The Flood – a new book

In Jeremy Purseglove’s newly available edition of ‘Taming the Flood’, the environmentalist reflected on harnessing nature rather than attempting to supress it, in regards to facing the environmental disasters which pose threat to us today. Purseglove, who works as...



fire truck in flood

Do You Know if You Are in a Flood Risk Area?

According to a recent YouGov survey, near 53% of adults in the UK admit to never having checked flood risk in their area. This rose to 63% in Scotland alone, and reached 75% in Northern Ireland. Further lack of...



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