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A Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) will help you understand the risk of flooding to your site.

Reports for Insurance

You may require a site specific FRA for insurance purposes. Contact us for assistance.

Drainage Strategy

A Drainage Strategy determines how surface water runoff will be managed. Read more.

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What We Do

We are a team of highly skilled flood risk consultants with over 50 years experience in providing detailed Flood Risk Assessment reports, Surface Water Drainage Strategies and Groundwater Assessments throughout the UK. Our flexible and highly efficient approach has led to thousands of clients gaining the planning approval they wanted in a time frame they required. The consultancy team has a breadth of experience of negotiations and engagement with Environment Agency, Insurers and Local Planning Authorities which ensures that we are best placed to provide detailed local level knowledge for every assessment undertaken. All of our reports are tailored to the needs of each client and the reason they need the assessment. Unda’s portfolio comprises of over a thousand residential and commercial assessments on developments ranging in size from small residential extensions to large (100 unit +) mixed use schemes.

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Quality Reports

When applying for planning permission it is important to get a high quality, detailed assessment produced by experience flood risk consultants to satisfy the needs of the Local Authority, and in some instances the Environment Agency. A number of quick and low cost products are currently available on the market however in our experience these fail to address the requirements stated within the National Planning Policy Framework and thus fail to secure the required planning permission. Our detailed, area and sector specific, assessments are the best way to ensure that the desired planning outcome is obtained within a costly and timely manner. Our in-house consultancy team use the latest software combined with vast local knowledge and years of experience liaising with authorities to build robust reports that ensure the needs of all parties are met.

Who Our Reports Are For

We specialise in providing accurate, detailed reports, strategies and solutions for architects, planning consultants, developers, farmers and landowners, renewable energy professionals and private clients.  We are flexible in our approach and attitude, whether a multinational or a private individual, and tailor our advice to your individual need. We recognise that each client requires a bespoke product and service in order to fulfil their requirements, time frames and level of detail. Give us a call and one of our consultancy team will be on hand to personally create an assessment suitable to your circumstances and needs.

Our aim? To get the report you need, when you need it and to make sure you get the planning approval you require. 

Why Do I Need a Flood Risk or Drainage Assessment?

There is very little doubt that flooding is becoming more common place in the UK and in many parts of the world. The causes of this are varied but the results are much the same. If you are looking to get planning permission for any kind of development, a high quality Flood Risk Assessment is critical and in some instances a Surface Water Drainage Strategy may be required.

If you need a Flood Risk Assessment, a Surface Water Drainage Strategy or Groundwater Assessment for any of the following, please get in touch,, our flood risk consultants have years of experience and access to all the latest data and software:

  • Planning applications under NPPF, SPP, TAN 15 and PPS-15
  • Planning for renewable energy sites
  • Land and property purchases
  • Insurance purposes

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Get in touch today for your free quote. Speak to our friendly team about your specific needs and let Unda provide you with an accurate, fast and tailored Flood Risk Assessment suited to your exact needs whether they be planning related, for insurance purposes or for property/land purchase.

Why you should work with us?

6 reasons why you should work with Unda

Free Appraisal

Free initial advice and appraisal over the phone from a friendly and experience Flood Risk Consultant

Fast Quotations

Detailed written cost effective quotation available within the hour

Local Knowledge

A detailed level of local knowledge is applied to every report undertaken

Fast, Effective Reports

Fast track Flood Risk Assessment reports available to meet your deadline

End to End Service

Complete end to end service negotiating with the Environment Agency, Insurers and Planners on your behalf

Extensive Experience

Our extensive working experience of the national planning policy framework, the Environment Agency, Local Planning Authorities and Insurers


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