Flood Consequence Assessment (FCA)

The FCA is the Welsh equivalent of the English Flood Risk Assessments (FRA)

Flood Consequence Assessments are an important part of the planning process and are mandatory for all new developments in Wales within areas classed as flood zone C.

Unda’s consultants provide bespoke Flood Consequence Assessments focused on addressing the issues whilst representing a best value for money approach.

In Wales the requirements for a Flood Consequence Assessment are clearly set out in the Planning Policy Wales Technical Advice Note 15: Development and Flood Risk (TAN 15) July 2004 this detailed guidance covers the Welsh Assembly’s policies on different aspects of land use planning in Wales.

Cost Effective Report

When preparing a quotation to carry out an FCA study, we scope our assessment to provide a report which is cost effective by making the best use of any existing information and by taking an approach which is proportionate to the degree of flood risk. We ensure our report addresses all of the known issues and that the final report is robust and reliable.

Unda assess each assessment on an individual report basis looking at our client’s requirements making each report appropriate to the size and complexity of their brief. This approach ensures we always offer excellent value for money for both small and large scale developments.

Flood Consequence Assessment Legislation

A Flood Consequence Assessment report is almost always required for developments in flood zones C1 and C2. For flood zone B, site levels will also likely to be needed and checked against extreme flood outline levels which are provided by Natural Resources Wales.

TAN 15 Development and Flood Risk Development Advice Maps have been produced by the Welsh Government, and are available online and be viewed here, The website is user friendly and by entering your site location or postcode the map will display if the site is in a relevant flood zone and what zone is applicable. TAN15 requires the level of detail of the Flood Consequence Assessment to be proportionate to the scale and nature of any development.

FCA’s are only applicable in Wales; the corresponding report required in England is a Flood Risk Assessment.

Unda has extensive experience of producing Flood Consequence Assessments Reports which are fully compliant with Technical Advice Note 15: Development and Flood Risk (TAN15) and we are able to provide an assessment that meets your particular needs and in full consultation with the relevant statutory bodies.

From straightforward to complex schemes we also have the expertise to carry out hydraulic flood modelling which may be requested by Natural Resources Wales or can also be used to maximise the development potential of your site.

If you have concerns about flooding issues as apart of the planning process, please do contact one of our consultants who will quickly be able to advise how they can assist and will provide a fixed price quotation to understand your issues and provide solutions where possible. For prompt attention and clear advice Telephone: 01293 214444 or send your details via our contact form.

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