Biogas & Anaerobic Digestion

Flood Risk Assessments to support planning permission for Anaerobic Digesters (AD) and Biogas developments

As with other Renewable Energy sites, the need for a Flood Risk Assessment relates to the safety of the site in the event of flooding, and also in reducing the potential impact of the development to the area adjacent (offsite).

Dangers Around Biogas and AD

With Biogas sites and AD Plants there is the potential that a spillage of potentially contaminated water or waste materials could leak to ground and potentially pollute the local water courses and raise water quality concerns. As part of the planning process the risk and subsequent impact of the spillage needs to be understood and mitigated against where possible. The bunding of treatment and waste areas can have implications with regard to incidents of flooding and subsequent loss of flood storage on site.

A key element of the flood risk assessment relating to AD and Biogas is to maintain the separation of clean water, grey water and contaminated water. An Environmental Risk Assessment and permit to discharge to ground or watercourse is required for industrial grey water discharge, however these are not required at the planning application stage.

Successful Applications

Our team of flood risk professionals have successfully delivered assessments that have led to planning approval for renewable energy developments. Our reports have also been used to secure outline planning, competitive insurance premiums and for due diligence. In addition our drainage engineers have provided a comprehensive range of Drainage Strategy services.

In cooperation with our partners and associates, we can also provide Environment Risk Assessment and Environmental Permit services, to help you gain consents and permission during the post planning application stage.

To discuss your Biogas or Anaerobic Digestion development please contact our specialist in Flood Risk Assessments for renewable energy developments Edward Bouët on 01293 21444401293 214444

Flood Risk Assessment for Biogas or Anaerobic Digestion

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