Flood Area Information

Flood Risk and Drainage Assessments Across the UK

The Unda team have a huge amount of experience and knowledge about flood risk and drainage issues across the UK. We have gained a vast amount of experience from carrying out Flood Risk Assessment reports and Drainage Assessments in most parts of the country.  Not only do we have extensive knowledge of the geology, water ways, run off and drainage situation of many areas of the UK, we also have a detailed working knowledge of environmental law, local councils and the environment agency policies in every area of the UK.

Flood Risk Assessments

Having carried out FRAs in most parts of the UK we are able to provide high quality and detailed Flood Risk Assessments for clients in any area. With a clear focus on understanding the clients needs we produce a highly specific and effective report. If extra detail is needed we have some of the best consultants in the country to help. If time is very limited we are able to work with our clients to deliver on time for their project deadlines.

Our services include FRAs for planning applications, Flood consequence assessments and we are also able to work on the  renewable energy developments.

Drainage Assessments

As with our FRA team, Unda can boast some of the best drainage experts in the country. We can provide detailed drainage strategies to support planning applications as part of an FRA or on its own. No Matter where the client is in the country Unda can provide an accurate, reliable and high quality service in a time scale to suit the individual needs of the client. Unda can provide Preliminary Drainage Design reports as well a Surface Water Drainage Strategy plans or SuDS.


Each area of the country and often each town or county carries with it completely different aspects of flood risk, drainage and many more factors. With extensive experience across the UK Unda are able to call upon detailed knowledge of each area to provide accurate and highly detailed reports.

Below is a list of just some of the specific areas Unda has experience in working in. Where available the detailed pages for each area offer legal information, flood data, local council responsibility information and even emergency service contacts. Simply click on the area needed and get in touch if you would like any more detail.

Flood Area Information


Berkshire Hillingdon
Bedfordshire Leicestershire
Bristol Lincolnshire
Buckinghamshire Merseyside
Cambridgeshire Norfolk
Cheshire North Yorkshire
London Northhamptonshire
Cornwall Northumberland
Cumbria Oxfordshire
Derbyshire Rutland
Devon Shropshire
Dorset Somerset
East Riding South Yorkshire
East and West Sussex Staffordshire
Essex Suffolk
Gloucestershire Surrey
Croydon Elmbridge

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