Flood Risk Consultants

Flood Risk Consultants

Unda’s flood risk consultants focus on understanding each clients individual needs and developing a flood risk assessment or drainage strategy to provide best value solutions often through an innovative approach.

If the assessment is complex we have some of the most experienced flood risk consultants in the UK to provide a solution. If time is of the essence and a report is required “yesterday” we have a large team who will always try and meet your tight deadlines.

Why use a Flood Risk Consultant?

There can be a huge number of reasons why you need a flood risk consultant from planning a new building or development or even a property purchase to a change of land use or development of a renewable energy site. Whatever the reason our role is to help you understand the flood risks, as well as to plan around, and mitigate, the potential risk of flooding occurring. Not only are we able to accurately model the flood risk itself we can also work with you to plan strategies to minimise the damage of any flooding as well as things like evacuation planning and drainage strategies. Unda as a flood risk consultancy does not just deliver flood risk assessments we deliver detailed and often creative solutions and tactics around the potential event of flooding too.

Our Team of Flood Risk Experts

Each project is overseen by a Senior Flood Risk Consultant regardless of the size of the project, this ensures every flood risk assessment meets our internal quality standards.

Unda has a highly qualified and experienced team of Flood Risk Consultants, Drainage Engineers and Hydrologists who understand the commercial requirements of organisations and individuals wishing to understand the level of flood risk relating to their location and activities.  

Our Flood Risk and Drainage Consultants having extensive experience across the UK and have developed relationships with many of the major and minor regulatory bodies ensuring we understand the detail and content required in each flood risk assessment report we produce.

Cutting Edge Software and Traditional Skills

We use an important mix of highly advanced flood modelling software and years of real on the ground experience to build a picture of the existing situation and how the future may look in any given location. We use this combination of technology and skill to provide customers with what they need to move forward with their project.

If you are looking for a team of flood risk consultants with experience, technology and  great success rates for planning applications then speak to our friendly team today!

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Jackie Stone - Unda Flood Risk Consultant

If you need a quote or to discuss your requirements in more detail contact Jackie Stone, one of our experienced Flood Risk Consultants.

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