Drainage Assessments

Drainage Assessments to Support Planning Applications

Unda’s team of consultants can provide a Drainage Strategy for your planning application either with one of our Flood Risk Assessments or as a stand alone report.

By commissioning Unda to prepare your Drainage Strategy with a Flood Risk Assessment it is likely we will be able to save you both time and money as both documents are likely to reference the same or similar data and opinion.

SuDS short for (Sustainable Drainage System) is another term used to describe a Drainage Strategy

Drainage Strategies vary in the level of detail required and is dependent on the location and the end use of the development. More details can be found here.

As part of a planning application a more detailed drainage design is likely to be required and may also be required to discharge planning conditions. More details can be found here.

What is a sustainable drainage system (SuDS)?

Sustainable drainage is a change from  the more traditional approach to drainage sites. There are key points that influence the planning and design process enabling SuDS schemes to copy natural drainage by:

  • Storing water runoff and releasing it slowly (called attenuation)
  • Allowing water (precipitation) to soak into the ground (called infiltration)
  • Slowly transporting (using open channels) water on the surface (called conveying)
  • Filtering out any unwanted pollutants
  • Allowing sediments to settle out by controlling the water flow.

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