Case Study: Flood Risk Assessment for Property Transaction

Case Study: Flood Risk Assessment for a Property Transaction

Project Outline:

Unda was asked to provide a Flood Risk Assessment and Surface Water Drainage Assessment. A private client looking to purchase a converted Oast House in the Kent countryside. As part of the conveyancing process, a residential flood search report was carried out on the property which highlighted a potential risk to surface water flooding on the site and surrounding area. The automated flood search report only utilised low resolution data and a more thorough site specific investigation was recommended.

As the client wanted to pursue the purchase of the property, Unda was able to assist by suggesting a Flood Risk Assessment and Surface Water Drainage Assessment was carried out on the site as part of the detailed due-diligence process.

Benefit to client:

Unda was able to recognise through their Flood Risk Assessment and Surface Water Drainage Analysis that the property was at a potential risk of surface water flooding and recommended two main areas of improvements to address the flood risk.  These included reinstating and clearing out a drainage channel on the edge of the site, and raising the ground surface along the edge of the channel acting as a flood defence for the property. These measures were both low cost and highly effective.

The conclusion of the flood risk assessment and analysis therefore gave the client the confidence to purchase the property and to undertake the recommended flood risk mitigation measures to address the flood risk and to protect the future home and investment.

In addition, if there had been an issue with purchasing insurance for the property the client was also able to provide detailed evidence to the insurance company that a site specific Flood Risk Assessment Report had been undertaken and flood risk mitigation measures had been implemented.

Unda’s approach:

Unda undertook a detailed assessment utilising in-house data which was accompanied with a physical site inspection to identify where the potential sources of surface water originated from.

Although not specifically identified as at risk from flooding from the Environment Agency flood maps for river and coastal, or the surface water flood map, the site is located in an area where the surrounding topography and soil types means that surface water run-off is likely to occur following prolonged and heavy rain.

If you have concerns about flooding issues to a property which you are looking to purchase, sell or secure flood insurance for, please contact Unda. Our flood risk consultants will quickly be able to advise how they can assist and will provide a fixed price quotation to understand your issues and provide solutions where possible. For prompt attention Tel: 01293 214444 or send your details via our contact form.

Flood risk assessment of a converted oast house in Kent

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