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Well-designed productive woodland reduces flood risk – Forest Research and Confor

Planting productive woodland in specific areas of the UK could play a role in reducing the risk of flooding, according to a landmark report.  The study by Forest Research and trade body Confor highlights the role productive woodland can...



Cause and effect – can the Channel Management Handbook help break the vicious cycle of flooding in modern UK farming?

Unda’s Flo Harris talks about the effects of modern farming techniques on flood risk, and how flooding in turn can impact on farming productivity in the UK. Can the Channel Management Handbook help initiate the changes required? Agriculture and...



Unda’s analysis of the 2015 Budget Announcement: A needed boost for flood defence spending?

Budget Announcement: More than 31,000 homes and businesses will be better protected from the risk of flooding sooner. The government is bringing forward more than £140 million of the £2.3 billion six-year flood defence programme announced in December to better...



MP’s warn ‘foolhardy’ building amplifies flood risk

The House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee published its 10th Report on Climate Change Adaption ( today (11th March 2014) criticising the Government for failing to tackle the priority climate risks despite its National Adaptation Programme (NAP) which is designed...



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