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Are Amphibious houses the answer to flood prone areas?

Followers of the television program ‘Grand Designs’ will be familiar with houses that can float. An episode in 2014 followed a couple whose dream was to build the UK’s first amphibious house on a small island in the River...


The Thames Barrier – is it still fit for purpose?

In 2014, the Thames Barrier was closed 48 times. That’s more often than in all previous years combined since it began its job of protecting London from flooding in 1982. The Environment Agency have said there are no plans...


When do I need an FRA?

At the end of 2015 we all watched in horror as over 5,000 homes and businesses in Cumbria were flooded. For some it was a new lesson: even if our homes lie behind flood defences, we are not necessarily safe. These...


How to prepare for a flood – Protect your home and family

Flood is a nightmare that has become a reality in recent years for so many homeowners across Britain.  Precious possessions bobbing on filthy water, the very fabric of the house sodden, in need of months of drying and renovation;...


Why are floodplains important? A guide for developers.

It’s an uneasy balance – finding land for much-needed new housing while allowing nature to do what it has always done, to our advantage.  Some say that with careful planning and adequate flood defences developing floodplains is safe and...



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