The Best Flooding Videos

Flooding is certainly not a funny topic, it causes untold damage to property and peoples lives as well as killing and injuring thousands of people each year. However, flooding is certainly something that is hard to believe unless it is seen. Flooding videos featuring flash floods in far away places or flooding in British towns and villages are very useful and important to watch. It is not just about sensationalism, flooding videos help society take this threat seriously. We have been working in Flood Risk Assessment for many years and we still find flooding scary, fascinating and ever changing.

Here is a selection of some of the most interesting flooding videos we could find, some are massive flash floods that are hard to comprehend, others are right on our doorstep so if anyone thinks flooding is something that happens to other people…think again.

Flooded Home

This first video may seem like a generic American family blogger video but it really gives a feel for what it’s like during heavy rain and the early stages of a flood. The family are enjoying the rain initially but as the waters build the reality that the house is flooding hits home. It is interesting to see how helpless most homes are in the face of flood water, they try to use towels and the like but nothing will stop the water. This is very minor flooding and it is still quite scary.

Luton Airport Roof

Again, while this isn’t any kind of mega flood it shows just how powerful rain can be! We assume public buildings like airports are able to withstand most things but this shows the sort of weather we are seeing more and more often proving otherwise.

2019 Flooding in the Midlands

This video shows some of the major footage of the flooding the UK saw in July 2019. The damage was far more widespread than this video shows. This flooding video shows just how much water can arrive even in the summer and how much damage it can do in a short time. It shows a lot of people driving through flood water which is really not advisable.

Serious Amounts of Water!

This video really moves into the extreme end of flooding videos. It was shot in Taroko Gorge in Taiwan so a long way away from Whaley Bridge and the UK. It is a fascinating video because it shows just how a river can change and all because of rain water. It is certainly extreme and terrifying to watch.

Almost Unbelievable!

This is a mixed video, the initial section could be a tidal bore perhaps but is still very serious witht he amount of debris carried in the water. The second section is remarkable because of the way it is pushing rocks down stream, the power here is massive. The third section is a very real possibility for many places in the world. A river gradually builds from what seems like a river in spate to a flooded car park and then we see the cars being washed away. It shows how flooding can build and how it is rarely static so people should never assume something is safe. The next flooding video is almost impossible to comprehend. The sheer volume of water alone is mind blowing but as it bursts over into the building site it becomes even more frightening. The last video comes with very little explanation but certainly seems extreme!

This are just a handful of flooding videos available online. While flooding is not always as intense as many of these moments the need for proper awareness in the UK and abroad is critical, as is the need for the correct planning and building rules to help mitigate the potential and effects of flooding when it does happen.