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Flooding in Oxford

Are Environment Agency flood maps distorting house prices?

  This is an ongoing debate being had between the towns of Bisham and Marlow, and the Environment Agency. Residents claim that flood maps published by the Environment Agency are grossly inaccurate and are significantly distorting house prices in...



Waves crashing into coastal homes

Weather Bomb – What is it?

It seems the term weather bomb has suddenly appeared in the nations vocabulary without much in the way of an explanation. We wanted to try and remedy that by looking at what it means and why it is being...



Blackppol tower

Blackpool gets a £27.1 Million Flood Defence System

Last October Blackpool finally opened its brand new £27.1 million flood defence system. It was certainly a huge undertaking by the construction firm Balfour Beatty and has been generally welcomed by residents and officials alike. Blackpool Seafront This iconic...



Surface Water Management: Written statement – HCWS368

Unda share the observations and concerns as described in this Parliamentary statement on the 19th December 2017. Surface Water Management: Written statement – HCWS368 Authored by Dr Coffey   Following the National Flood Resilience Review we are better prepared...



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