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Better understand flood risk prior to property purchase

Before investing in a site or potential development it is crucial to understand the implications of flood risk – in terms of planning, the viability of your proposed development, and how insurance may effect resale.  Flood risk information – in...


Delay in the launch of Drain London interim report

Drainage in London – Delay in the launch of Drain London interim report. Unda learnt last week that The Drain London Interim Report which was expected to be launched back in April 2015 has been delayed until March 2016. The main...


Flood Re delayed update: How does it affect tenants / rent?

As we know, the long anticipated not-for-profit scheme which was agreed between the Government and the insurance industry back in June 2013 has been delayed until April 2016. The reason sighted for the launch push back was the scale...


Flood Re insurance for flood risk delayed until April 2016

For all home owners which are at a high risk of flooding and therefore unable to buy affordable home insurance cover, the launch of the Governments Flood Re insurance scheme was to be a welcome relief this summer 2015....


New Planning Guidance: Sustainable Urban Drainage (SuDS)

If you would like to find out more about SuDS, Flood Risk Assessment or any other related issues then Call 01293 214444, or email   On 6 April 2015, the Government’s new planning policy on eco-friendly sustainable drainage systems...


Paving gardens to driveways – the hidden urban flood risk?

Contact Unda to see how we can assist you. Call our expert Drainage Consultants on 01293 214 444, or email    A tidal wave of grey is sweeping away Britain’s front gardens, according to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS),...


New national database of coastal flooding launched

Storms cause floods, which can be devasting with long-lasting and diverse consequences. On the coast, floods arise as a result of high sea levels. The UK has historically suffered major coastal flooding events including the 1607 flood, which is...


Election 2015 – Flood Risk and Flood Defence Spending

Election 2015 – Flood Risk and Flood Defence Spending. How do the main political parties intend to tackle the issue of flooding? In the lead up to the 2015 General Election, Unda has reviewed the major political parties’ manifestos with...


Environment Agency flood maps play catch up

After widespread flooding in 1998 of the Godmanchester area of Cambridge where 500 homes and properties were effect, the Environment Agency secured £10m to construct flood defences to protect the town for the next 100 years. A string of...


Election 2015: The Labour Party Manifesto pledges on Flooding

In the lead up to the 2015 General Election, Unda reviews the major political parties’ manifestos with particular focus on how they attend to address the issue of flooding if they come to power.  Pledges concerning their new build...



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