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Taming The Flood – a new book

In Jeremy Purseglove’s newly available edition of ‘Taming the Flood’, the environmentalist reflected on harnessing nature rather than attempting to supress it, in regards to facing the environmental disasters which pose threat to us today. Purseglove, who works as...

fire truck in flood

Do You Know if You Are in a Flood Risk Area?

According to a recent YouGov survey, near 53% of adults in the UK admit to never having checked flood risk in their area. This rose to 63% in Scotland alone, and reached 75% in Northern Ireland. Further lack of...

Flooding in Oxford

Further Insurance Premium Increases for Homes at Risk of Flooding

The Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) rate has doubled in just the past few years, with its most recent increase growing from 10% to 12%. With motor, home, pet and health insurance all affected, companies warn that an average family...


Declaring past flooding when selling a property

The recent articles (Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph) and their obvious challenges that people have when buying and selling residential and commercial properties, speaks to risks on many levels and buyer beware cannot be over emphasised. It also emphasises the...


How to avoid a Summer Festival Flood!

Festivals are now firmly established in the summer calendar, and musical festivals are amongst the highlights. However since tickets are snapped up months in advance, we aren’t always prepared for the prospect of downpours come the summer event.  Here...


British Water publishes SuDS Code of Practice

Seen as a significant industry development and two years in the making, British Water has published a voluntary code of practice to support SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) Technologies. A key feature of the code of practice is that it...


Are Amphibious houses the answer to flood prone areas?

Followers of the television program ‘Grand Designs’ will be familiar with houses that can float. An episode in 2014 followed a couple whose dream was to build the UK’s first amphibious house on a small island in the River...


NPPF Flood Risk Climate Change Allowances for Planning

If you would like to find out more about how NPPF affects you, Flood Risk Assessment or SuDS then Call 01293 214444, or email   The Government have recently changed how the effects of climate change should be assessed...


The Thames Barrier – is it still fit for purpose?

In 2014, the Thames Barrier was closed 48 times. That’s more often than in all previous years combined since it began its job of protecting London from flooding in 1982. The Environment Agency have said there are no plans...


Free guide to RICS professionals: Storm Desmond

In the wake of  Storm Desmond, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICs) has produced a free consumer guide providing impartial advice to both homeowners and businesses on the effects of flooding. The guide details in a comprehensive manor...



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